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Connection Using Kermit
To make a transfer CLICK HERE

See also connection with HP48 Explorer

This explanation is based on the version MSK315 of the
MSDOS Kermit, used to transfer data in MSDOS mode.

To make a transfer from the computer to HP48 using KERMIT,

In the calculator...
1-Type I/O and choose Transfer

2-Set transfer modes:
PORT:Wire,Type: Kermit,
FMT:Asc, BAUD:9600, PARITY:None

as shown in the picture


4-Checmark the VARS you wish transfer.

5-Press the softkey [OK]

In the computer ...

6-In the computer,
runs the KERMIT in the MSDOS MODE.
Remove the mouse and connect the cable in the slot of the mouse. (or in other port if available and if you wish).
Make the directory where is installed KERMIT the current directory

Run the KERMIT,
in this case calling MSK315.

Define the PORT ( I used port 2 in this case) and SET BAUD 9600,


7-If no error happen, it will show a screen like the one beside.
Or an error message saying
RETRY #1,RETRY#2, etc in case of error.

Beside, the screenshot of the Kermit
reading the files.

8-Press [KGET] in the HP48.

9-Await while the transfer is running...
Kermit will tell you when transfer is complete.

10- Finish the transfer closing HP48 Transfer and MS DOS.
To make a transfer   CLICK HERE

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