The HP48

The HP48

HP48G Series Calculators
Including HP48G, HP48G+ and HP48GX

HP48GX - picture 42 kB HP48G - picture 51 kB

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Table of Characteristics
( Contents are unofficial )
Hewlett Packard Calculators HP48G, HP48 GX and HP48G+
Comparison and diferences between HP48G, HP48GX and HP48G+
HP48G 32 kB RAM ( not expandable )
HP48GX 128 kB RAM ( expandable )
HP48G+ 128 kB RAM ( not expandable )
HP48G, HP48GX and HP48G+ Characteristics
Internal Equations and Functions More than 2300
Size [ Width x Length x Height] ( in millimeters ) 80 x 180 x 25
Visor Physical Size [ width x Height ] (in millimeters) 64 x 36
Expansion Devices ( HP48GX only ) 1 slots type I, 1 slot type II
Expansion ( HP48GX only ) + 64kB, +128 kB,
+256 kB +512kB,+1Mb
Total Memory Possible (HP48GX): resident 128 kB
+128 kB ( slot I ) + 1 MB ( slot I I) * (see footnote)
1.256 Mb
Number of Keys 49
Internal Constants ( Constant Library ) 40
π and e constants Available
Memory HP48G
Memory HP48G+
Memory HP48GX
32 kB ( nominal )
128 kB ( nominal )
128 kB ( nominal )
Clock 4 MHz
Batteries (about 10 g each ) 3 x 1.5 volt ( AAA size )
Weight with batteries (HP48G) ±232 grams (8.11 oz)
Weight with batteries and no cards (HP48GX) ±262 grams (9.17 oz)
Environment Limits 0 - 45 Celsius
(32 - 113 Fahrenheit)
Input Logic RPN/Algebraic (eq. writer)
Menus and flags Available
Alphabetic Messages Available
Programmable Keys Available
Infrared Printer Possible / Available
Serial Communication Possible / Available
I/O bi-directional infrared Available
Connection with other hardware Available / Possible
Math Functions
+, -, x, /, √, 1/x, lnx, x ^ y, ex Available
YX, log(X), 10X, X, X2,%, π, n! Available
Fractions to decimal Available
Decimal to fraction Available
Summation Available
Trigonometric Functions / inverses Available
Hyperbolic/inverses Available
HP Solve application ( to find roots ) Possible
Numeric Integration Available
Functions of complex numbers Available
Operations with Vectors and Matrices
Rectangular and Polar Available
Cylindrical and Spherical Available
HP Matrix Writer ( to write matrices ) Available
Matrix operations Available
Lines and rows operations Available
Plots - One Variable Equations
Trace Available
Zoom Available
Move Cursor Possible/Available
Numbers of Plots Simultaneously unlimited
Function, polar e parametric Available
Derivatives Plots Available
Differential equations Plots Available
Conic Plots Available
Truth Plots Available
Statistical Plots Available
Histogram Plots Available
Bar Plots Available
Plots - Two Variables Equations
Scatter Plots Available
Slope Field Plots Available
Wireframe Plots Available
Pseudo contour Plots Available
Y-Slice Plots Available
Grid Map Plots Available
Parametric Plots Available
Pr-Surface Plots ( Parametric Surface ) Available
Non Continue Function Plot Possible / Programmable
Newton Binomial Expansion Possible
Isolate Var Possible/Available
Join Similar terms Possible/Available
Square root of complex numbers and real numbers Available
Polynomial roots Available
Taylor Expansion Available
Symbolic Integration Available (polynomials)
Numeric Integration Available
Symbolic Differentiation Available
Numeric Differentiation Available
Calculus of Numeric Differential Equations Available
HP Equation Writer ( write equations in the display ) Available
Scientific Functions
Time conversion from decimal to hours, min, sec Available
Polar / rectangular conversion Available
Angles conversion Available
Arithmetic & basic conversions Available
Units Conversion Available
Bit & Boolean operators Available
Graphic display and printer Available
Finance Functions
Amortize, Balance, Principal Interest Available
n, I%, PV, PMT, FV and Amortize Available
Statistic Functions
∑X, ∑X2, ∑XY, ∑Y, ∑Y2, N∑ Available
Standard Deviation Available
Linear Fit Available
Combinations and Permutations Available
Weight Mean Available
Editing data Possible/Available
LIN, LOG, EXP and POT fit Available
Normal Distribution, x2, t, F Available
Snedecor`s, chi-square, Students_Probability Available
Capital Letters and Lower Case Available
Math Symbols Available
ASCII symbols Available
Accents, Ã,Ñ,Ü,à,á , Greek letters and others Available
Numbers of steps / formulas Limited only by Memory
Number of sub-routines Limited only by Memory
Auto ON/OFF Possible
Flags Available
Customize Keys Available / Possible
Solve for a pre defined variable Available
Menus Personalization Available
Alarm with Messages Available
Show / don't show Clock Available / Possible
Programming Commands
START STEP Available
FOR STEP Available
START STEP Available
DO UNTIL END Available
EDITING PROGRAMS Possible/Available
DEBUG Available
VIEWING Possible / Available
Moving Pictures Possible
Time, Dates Possible
To use infrared device Possible
Using Pictures Possible
Using Matrices and Vectors Possible
Using internal commands Possible
Using external commands Possible
Using Alarm Possible
Loops Possible
Games Possible
Using complex numbers Possible
Program in computer and transfer to HP48 Possible **
Program in HP48 and transfer to computer Possible **

* It is possible to expand memory up to 4MB, but cards of 4MB are hard to find.

** Making programs in your personal computer and transferring to your HP48G/GX is possible with special software and hardware. They are easily available in many HP48 Sites.

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