HP49G versus TI-89 (Texas Instruments)

HP 49G - Key Selling Points versus the TI-89
Larger Memory Capacity
A large 1.5MB of Memory (512KB RAM and 1MB Flash ROM for data storage) lets you benefit from the biggest and most comprehensive library of third party calculator programs, games and software applications.

Dynamic Algebra and Calculus
With an advanced built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS), the HP 49G boasts truly dynamic symbolic manipulation, and symbolic and numeric solving. Whether your needs are complex arithmetic, calculus functions, or solving a system of linear equations, the advanced built-in CAS is flexible and dynamic, yet user-friendly. Working with complex equations or expressions? The HP 49G automatically prompts you to switch to complex mode.

Interested in learning how to get the right answer?
Then choose the CAS step-by-step mode for dynamic derivation, integration and linear algebra problem solving. All steps and results are displayed in textbook mode for easy viewing and understanding. After all, in a text or exam, the answer is only part of the solution.

Leading-Edge Design
Smooth edges, soft curves, and a sleek, sturdy design, make the HP 49G ideal for either hand-held or desktop use. It comes in an appealing, light metalic blue with a matching translucent blue slide-on cover that helps minimize screen and keyboard damage. The user friendly HP 49G keyboard has large keys with soft edges, and generous key spacing to minimize undesired key presses. Alpha letters appear on the the keys.

See more on the big screen
Choose to input and view equations and expressions on the big 131 x 64 pixel, high contrast screen in textbook mode, just as they appear in textbooks or on the blackboard. For complex equations and expressions, you can minimize the need to scroll by selecting a smaller font size. There are four sizes and styles to choose from.

Customize your inputs and outputs
Choose from three input modes according to your preference: familiar textbook, traditional algebraic or efficient RPN, and two default-screen history display options: textbook or algebraic.

Fast, Flexible and Intelligent Editor
Edit expressions, text, graphs and programs quickly and easily just the way you want to. More than just a passive editor, you can isolate and evaluate sub-expressions as well as cut, paste, and copy objects, just like on a computer. Unsure how to correctly enter an equation or expression? The intelligent editor automatically inserts missing parentheses and prompts your next input, both in real-time.

Make a Statistical Inference!
The HP 49G goes beyond analyzing sample data.You can perform hypothesis tests, and measure confidence intervals that relate to a population. Input, view and edit sample data in a table format, similar to a computer spreadsheet or table, then plot the results.

Features TI-89 HP 49G
Manufacturer Texas Instruments Hewlett-Packard
  Scientific Programmable Graphing Calculator
  User Memory 512KB
188KB RAM, 484KB
Flash ROM
Flash ROM
  Flash ROM and future electronic software upgrades
Operating Features    
  Operating Modes Algebraic - Entry Line Only Algebraic/RPN/Textbook
   Home/Default Screen Display Modes Pretty Print*/Algebraic Textbook/Algebraic
   Home/Default Screen History Results/Objects Results/Objects
  Built-in Fonts   4
  Font sizes   4
  Cut / Paste / Copy Operations
  Manipulating & Solving Sub-expressions  
  Catalogue of Functions
  Object Storage/Archiving  
  Date & Time (including Alarm Set)  
  Automatic Insertion of missing parentheses in Real-time  
  Automatic Prompting / Construction of Expression Syntax  
Math Features    
  Built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS)
  Mathematical Constants Library
  Factorization & Expansion
  Differentiation & Integration
  Differential Equations
  Solving Systems of Linear Equations
  Advanced Matrix Functions: symbolic eigenvalues & eigenvectors, under/over
  determined linear systems, diagonalization, Hilbert, Vandermonde
  Taylor polynomials
  Advanced polynomial functions (e.g. orthogonal)  
  Symbolic & Numeric Solve
  Step-by-step Symbolic & Numeric Solve  
  Real & Complex Numbers
  Advanced Complex Arithmetic  
  Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
  Differential Geometry Tools
   (gradient, laplacian, hessian, rotational, divergence)
  Lists & Sequences
  Advanced Trigonometry with hyperbolic functions, degrees, and radians  
  Vector Operations (absolute magnitude, dot & cross product)
Scientific Features    
  Physical Constants Library
  Units-of-Measure Library
  Unit Conversion
Statistical Features    
  Inferential (hypothesis tests/confidence intervals)  
  Descriptive (lists, single variable, frequencies, regression, summary)
Financial Features    
Graphing Features    
  2D/3D Plotting
  Function Analysis - Root, Extrema, Slope, Area, Intersection
  Tracing & Zooming
Customizing Features    
  Programming Languages TI Basic RPN/Assembly/HP Basic
  Unit-to-Unit Link Cable
  Overhead Display Unit
  PC/Mac Connectivity Kits
 * With Pretty Print - Exponents, roots, fractions, etc. are displayed in the same form in which they are traditionally written.

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